Will Ferrell shows how fun it is being an evil villain...

Megamind review

It’s good to be bad. Like Despicable Me, Megamind championed a grumpy anti-hero and cleaned up at the box office.

That’s down to clever, affecting scripting, slick visuals, action-movie editing and cracking comi-dramatic vocals by a top-line cast.

Will Ferrell charms as the titular baddie, pining for Tina Fey’s plucky reporter while at a loose end after offing nemesis Metro Man (Brad Pitt).

The attention to detail extends to extras – Making Of stuff, storyboards, lost scenes and drawing lessons. Wickedly good.

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    • FBACade

      Oct 1st 2011, 7:39


      3 problems :first problem;there only two battle scenes second problem;AC/DC;third and final problem;feels like a rip off of the incredibles

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