Miami Vice: Season Two


Twenty years on, Miami Vice is still cool. Okay, so it’s cool in an insufferably ’80s way – the soundtrack reeks of Chaka Khan and the fashions are daft, not to mention impractical (ever tried chasing down a crim in a pair of espadrilles?). When it comes down to it, though, Miami Vice has attitude, and this confident second year drips with self-assuredness. The show was still riding the wave of its success, showcasing drug busts, gun fights and murders while at the same time bathing them in a soothing, pastel glow.

It’s not all perfect: a “voodoo” episode is plain embarrassing and all the posing and pouting eventually wears thin. Still, with the movie almost here and a fondness for all things ’80s in the air (tonight), you can do worse than wonder why Tubbs always wears suits in the depths of the Floridian summer or why Crockett has an alligator named Elvis.


BEST BIT The woman whose breasts jiggle in time to the music in the opening credits. It’s still funny, even after all these years...

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 24th 2006

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