"Kids," muses helmer Danny Boyle in his perky chat-track. "It's scary when your whole film relies on them."

And Millions leans heavily on its two young leads, in Boyle's tale of stolen dosh and starter homes. Newcomer Alexander Etel is wide-eyed Damian, convinced God's given him £250,000 so he can help the poor. Brother Anthony (Lewis McGibbon) reckons they should spend it on PS2s. Who's right? And where has the cash actually come from?


Shot through with the blue skies everyone remembers from their childhood, Millions is a poem to growing up alone. Trouble is, halfway through, it loses pace and becomes a kiddie caper. It could have been so much more.


Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 21st 2005

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