Miss Bala


A young woman clinging on to her dream of becoming a beauty queen in Mexico dominated by organized crime.

Pretty working class Tijuana girl Laura (newcomer Stephanie Sigman, superb) just wants to enter a beauty contest.

But the wrong place at the wrong time lands her in the thick of Mexico’s vicious drug wars, a helpless pawn of all the ruthless forces involved – official no less than criminal.

Gerardo Naranjo’s hard, fast, angry thriller (the title literally means ‘Miss Bullet’) depicts a world where violence and corruption have eaten so deep into society, it’s hard to imagine they could ever be eradicated.

A grim story – but with an energy and pace that grip and don’t let go.

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    • irish

      Jun 22nd 2013, 21:20

      if this get's such a good review, why has it only been given 1 star.?

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