“We had a certain kind of chemistry,” blabs J-Lo on one of this disc’s glossy documentaries. Yeah, Jen – the kind of chemistry that produces stink bombs...

On paper, enticing Jane Fonda back from a 15-year retirement to star opposite Jenny from the block must have sounded like a fine old wheeze. Just the sort of thing to bump a lame gender-swap play on Meet The Parents up a notch, right? Wrong. Fonda’s hamming is so irritating that even Lopez’s working-class lass schtick seems pleasant. By the time this plot-lite farce (woman scraps with mom-in-law-to-be) ends, you’ll be wishing Fonda had gone back to aerobics videos.

As an exercise in self-deception, the commentary by director Robert Luketic is priceless. Yammering on about listening to his instinct, the man clearly thinks he’s crafted some kind of Oscar contender, not a derivative lump of limp slapstick. Shocking.

Film Details

  • 12A
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 12th 2005

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