Monty Python Live At The Hollywood Bowl


You’d have thought “the pretty little LA suburb of Hollywood” would be the least suitable place for the posho prog-rockers of mirth and their punchline-less lunacy. Not so. With a few feints towards American isolationism (most notably Purley, Croydon being replaced with Glendale, California in the ‘Nudge-Nudge’ sketch), this 1980 live show is pitched perfectly for a country that embraced Benny Hill. Mix-and-matching old favourites (‘The Ministry of Silly Walks’) with less familiar, but no less sterling, hits from proto-Python efforts such as At Last The 1948 Show (‘Four Yorkshiremen’), it sees Eric Idle’s cockernee singalongs come filthily to the fore. Jokes about Kant and Hegel fall on predictably deaf ears, but so what? No less than The Meaning Of Life, 1983’s awkward but ambitious swansong, this greatest hits package is a fitting epitaph for the finest comedy iconoclasts of the 20th Century. 


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 5th 2007

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