Moonlight Mile


Will Jake Gyllenhaal ever move on from his depressive, sleepy-eyed persona? Not in Moonlight Mile, that's for damn sure. The Donnie Darko star here plays Joe, all puppy eyes and twitching shoulders as he grieves for his murdered fiancée. In limbo with him are Susan Sarandon and Dustin Hoffman as the girl's parents.

Both are in standout form: Hoffman manic, Sarandon weepy-but-gritty. One of several recent films to deal with grief (Love Liza, The Son's Room, In The Bedroom), this isn't without its poignant moments but suffers whenever the plot's dragged through the courts (Holly Hunter's wasted as a tough-talking DA). It also chomps off more cheese than it can chew in the closing moments, the gushy denouement undercutting the controlled ache of the opening half.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: February 1st 2004

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