Mulan: Special Edition


No one does animal-speak as smart as Eddie Murphy, and the sometime Dr Dolittle warmed up for stealing Shrek with this amiable Disney 'toon. Murphy is Mushu, a camp-as-Christmas dragon who's charged with looking after girl-in-disguise soldier Mulan (Ming-Na). She's joined the army to spare her ageing dad, but there's going to be hell to pay if her fairer sex is unveiled...

The CG set-pieces are sumptuous (the snowy horseback charge being a particular eye-trembler) and the sassy slapstick is amusing, but the milky heroine and cheesy songs ensure it doesn't linger long in the memory. Ditto Mulan 2, available separately or as part of a double box set, but not really worth bothering with in either case.


Film Details

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 15th 2004

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