My name Is Bruce


Cult movie icon in middling cult movie spoof...

“You don’t know fear kid… You’ve never worked with Sam Raimi.” It was Raimi’s classic The Evil Dead that made Bruce Campbell a horror icon and led to starring roles in Maniac Cop, Waxwork II and the like. And while Raimi has gone on to bigger things, Campbell has remained something of a cult (if you haven’t read his book, If Chins Could Kill, do so now).

Here, playing a comic version of himself, Campbell (who also directs) sticks out his super-chiseled jaw and hams it up royally as a washed-up actor reduced to living in a trailer, drunk-dialling his ex-wife and making straight-to-video crap like Cave Alien 2. Salvation, of sorts, arrives when a group of teenagers from a hick Oregon town inadvertently raise an ancient Chinese god of war. Campbell’s number one fan, Jeff (Taylor Sharpe), kidnaps Brucie, figuring his heroic skills, honed in Army Of Darkness, will come in handy slaying the red-eyed demon.

While mildly amusing as a cheesy film spoof and with enough in-jokes for any die-hard Campbellite, this isn’t as pointed or funny as, say, Galaxy Quest or last month’s JCVD. The real laughs are to be found in the extras, which include Heart Of Dorkness, an hourlong Making Of, a behind-the-scenes special on Cave Alien 2 and assorted pearls of wisdom from the man himself. If only the film was as enjoyable to watch as it evidently was to make.

Mark Salisbury

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