My Name Is Earl Season 2


The novelty of the Karma-centric premise might be starting to thin, but Earl’s ( Jason Lee) ongoing quest to right his life’s wrongs still side-steps ‘tricky second season’ syndrome with Emmy-winning ease. And that’s due in no small part to Jamie Pressley’s sexy, hilarious, Britney-worshipping smart-dumb blonde, Joy. Standout episodes include Larceny Of A Kitty Cat (where Randy woos a feline-fancier), gut-rupturing two-parter South Of The Border and season finale The Trial. Meanwhile, commentaries by an excited cast rack up several bonus belly laughs. Unafraid to play the celebrity-cameo card (Christian Slater, Burt Reynolds and John Leguizamo) and even lob in a spot of Claymation (Randy’s hallucinations in Robbed A Stoner Blind), Earl’s one of the smoothest-running vehicles in the sitcom trailer-park.


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