My So Called Life: The Complete Series


Death can be a hell of a career move. My So Called Life – much like James Dean, et al – was immortalised by dying young. Funny, sharp, sensitive and pop literate, the show’s demise after just one season left the fertile soil in which Buffy, Dawson’s, (the sadly still unavailable) Freaks And Geeks and every superior kids show since would blossom. 

The kids in My So Called Life looked and sounded like the kids you know; the kids you were. Clare Danes holds the show together – with the help of her amazing quivering lower lip – nailing the anxiety and doubt of a teenager unsure of herself, boys, girls, adults and life in general. Her honest, relatable portrayal of teenage life that inspired a fanatical following (including Cameron Crowe) and, no doubt, some really shit poetry.

Finally out on DVD, it still looks like a great show cut down before it could grow or, indeed, jump the shark. No extras though. Bastards.

BEST BIT Chats in the girls' bathroom, where gay character Rickie’s presence was never questioned.


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