My Way Home


An oft-forgotten master of ‘60s new wave cinema, Hungarian Miklos Jancso inspired Tarkovsky and Sokurov with his roaming, lyrical visual style. Shot with beautiful flowing camera moves against an epic backdrop of open skies and immense landscapes, My Way Home sees a Hungarian student ( Jancso alter-ego Andras Kozak) wandering through Russian-occupied Hungary in the dying days of WWII. As he begins a friendship with a young Russian soldier, the war is – for a short time – forgotten in place of youthful joy. Neither speaks the other’s language, so they take potshots at frogs, play in a bombed-out chateau and, well, watch cows walk into a minefield. Jancso’s poetic-realism borders on dream-like at times – then life returns with a heartrending thud to pull their lives apart forever. A rare, moving film for everyone, but only aficionados will be hooked by Jancso’s Hungarian doc Messages Of Stone.


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