Mystery Train


Jim Jarmusch's fourth feature - - and his second in colour - - is arguably his finest. It's certainly his most accessible, the indie helmer deftly unspooling three tales set in and around a Memphis hotel.

Two Japanese teenagers are on a pilgrimage to Elvis' grave; an Italian woman guards her husband's ashes en route to Rome; and a trio of drunken losers, including Steve Buscemi and the late Joe Strummer, stick up a nearby liquor store.

While sometimes cited as an influence on Pulp Fiction, the narrative looping more closely resembles Amores Perros - - the tales overlap only sparingly, sharing occasional motifs (`Blue Moon' playing on the radio, a gunshot). The Edward Hopper landscapes and wheezy blues soundtrack, meanwhile, lend events an offbeat sensibility. Just call it Jarmuschian.

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