Nanny McPhee


Less Mary Poppins, more The Addams Family, Nanny McPhee is an all-star panto (Derek Jacobi, Angela Lansbury, Imelda Staunton) of a family film. The plot may be familiar – homehelp brings order to unruly home – but the treatment is as inventive as the anti-nanny shenanigans dreamt up by widower Colin Firth’s seven children.

The young cast, though, are unimpressed with their commentary duties – chomping crisps, begging for loo breaks and declaring, “This is very boring and I don’t think anyone ever listens to these things anyway,” but screenwriter/star Emma Thompson and producer Lindsay Doran have an inviting chat about the page-to-screen process, shedding a tear when watching how the words “And the snow forms a veil” were rendered with CGI.

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