NCIS Season 3


Putting a new-ish spin on the prime-time science of crime, NCIS follows the real-life Washington DC-based agency (as ‘Declassified’ in one of five perfunctory featurettes) as they investigate felonies in the US Navy and Marine Corps: drugs, nukes, snuff movies… you know, the usual. Having done a 24 and killed off a key cast member at the end of the previous season, this seven-disc set opens with the aftermath: a grieving team on the trail of an ex-Mossad assassin, who’s still out for blood… Lacking the flash or cash of the CSI franchises, NCIS is the B-movie equivalent of Jerry Bruckheimer’s small-screen blockbusters: try-hard dialogue, too-quirky backroom boys (a jolly forensics Goth; crinkly David McCallum’s ME) and an inscrutable leader (Chicago Hope alumnus Mark Harmon) with a painful past (but not the magnetism of Petersen, Caruso or Sinise). Heck, the show doesn’t even have cool tunes – instead of The Who, we get Euro-trance theme music. Meh…


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