New Police Story


After far too many years of watching Hong Kong Jackie Chan films with the prod values of EastEnders, it’s always refreshing to see him in a glossy slice of big budget nonsense. That said, all the cash clearly went on the sleek look and snazzy editing rather than the Lethal Weapon-lite story. Chan’s a supercop who crawls into a bottle when his police squad is wiped out by a gang of teen crooks. Can a young copper goad him into sorting himself out and teaching those punks a lesson? Dumb question.

Downplaying gurning slapstick and upping drama, 50-something Chan looks better than he has in years. Few other pension-pushers can slide down a burning rope or smash around in mortal combat with someone a third their age. It obviously took it out of him, though – the old fella seems to have only been up for a few blink and you’ll miss him appearances in the interviews and Making Of.


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