Night At The Museum


A smart-enough premise – the displays in a museum come to life when the sun sets – gets dumbed down the toilet by director Shawn Levy and co’s refusal to settle on a single plot, inability to sort out any decent characters and failure to understand that just because Stiller, Williams, Gervais et al had fun running around a museum set for a few months it doesn’t mean that everyone else will suck the same pleasure out of watching them. Far from it...

Forget the commentaries, deleted scenes, bloopers and mini-Making Of featurettes packed into these two discs. None are worth watching. Why? Because a) they’re even more smugly dull than the film and b) they never satisfactorily explain just how the filmmakers so badly stuffed up what should be at the very worst an undemanding kids’ flick. So think twice before buying it. You’ll only encourage these feckless jokers to churn out some quarter-witted sequel...


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