No Direction Home: Bob Dylan


Martin Scorsese has long been a chronicler of music, but by prising a lengthy interview from one of rock's most enigmatic icons, he's almost equalled his exemplary The Last Waltz – and created an engrossing portrait of '60s counter-culture that you needn't be a Dylan devotee to enjoy.

The former Robert Zimmermann grew up in sleepy Minnesota with his radio blasting out the disparate worlds of folk, blues and fledgling rock'n'roll. He left home at the first opportunity. Within months, he'd swiped some rare Woody Guthrie LPs and reinvented himself as a protest singer in Greenwich Village. Snubbed by the Folkways label, he signed instead to major Columbia and unwittingly became the voice of a generation. Typically, as DA Pennebaker's fantastic footage of his 1965 UK tour shows to great comic effect, his fans were none-too-impressed when he dared to 'go electric' and ("Judas!") turned on him.

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