No Good Deed


Jack Friar (Samuel L Jackson): small-time cop, cellist, diabetic. As a favour for a neighbour, he agrees to reel in a young runaway and her no-good boyfriend but ends up being held captive by a gang of crooks led by Tyrone (Stellan Skarsgård) and his moll, Erin (Milla Jovovich).

On paper, it's the kind of triple-cross tapestry of fibs that the Coens used to fashion into the likes of Blood Simple. On celluloid, it's a gloopy noir, director Bob Five Easy Pieces Rafelson failing to spark Jackson into life or sex up a Stockholm syndrome sub-plot between Sam the Man and Jovovich.

Based on a story by Dashiell Hammet, this labyrinthine crime flick bypassed cinemas to snake its way straight on to DVD. It's the best place for it.

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