No Saints For Sinners


A low-budget thriller that takes a jaded IRA man from Belfast to Bel Air

The ghosts of the past haunt an ex-Republican Army footsoldier in this low-budget thriller that takes a jaded IRA man (Rick Crawford) from Belfast to Bel Air.

Hiding from the Irish buddies he double-crossed, Crawford is working an LA bar when he gets mixed up with a wannabe drug dealer (Colin Sutton).

Apart from one chilling moment in a Chinese restaurant that’s straight out of Saw, this gritty but pedestrian outing lacks novelty and never convinces us that its bad-boy hero deserves his shot at redemption.

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    • seanevans2012

      May 18th 2012, 11:58

      I thought this film deserved more than 2 stars at least 3 stars, This is Rick's film debut and I thought he portrayed the character superbly, I do tend to disagree with alot of Total Film's "Star Ratings" but thats just me. Was kind of dissapointed the avengers got 4 stars and American Reunion got 3 stars...

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