One For The Road


This caustic black comedy is like a 10-pint bender: irresistible, messy, hilarious and depressing. Four strangers are thrown together at a drunk-drivers rehab group: a noxious salesman (Rupert Procter), smug fat-cat (Hywel Bennett), bereaved business rookie (Greg Chisholm) and dim taxi driver (Mark Devenport). They bond, bicker and drink - - a lot, drowning their need for meaning in whisky and beer. It sounds a bit bleak but dark laughs abound, while its tough truthfulness makes the odd grace-note more resonant. The volume of bleary blabbing may mean your attention wanders, but if this were American it would have been hailed to the heavens: Swingers on the lash with In The Company Of Men. Fancy a pint? Make ours bitter.

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