One, Two, Three


Billy Wilder mounts an aggressive assault on Cold War politics, pocketing his satiric bayonet in favour of scattershot farce.

It helps, of course, when your principal foot soldier is James Cagney, a man fitted with a tommygun mouth. He plays CR McNamara, Coca-Cola's man in Berlin, a bullish exec who's been charged with selling America's favourite soda to the bleedin' Reds. Tough, but not nearly so tough as the predicament he faces when his boss' naïve daughter visits Berlin... And marries a Commie.

Made as the Berlin Wall was being erected, One, Two, Three was nothing if not timely, the quick-fire one-liners aimed at both sides of the ideological trench. It's now, naturally, lost some of its freshness, but Wilder's bulletin from the front line remains fast, furious and frequently funny.

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