Our Day Will Come


Vincent Cassel’s on red alert

Our Day Will Come review

Vincent Cassel is at his mercurial best in this jumpy, rage-filled road-movie, as a renegade psychiatrist who goads a young psychopath into a seaside rampage on behalf of beleaguered redheads like themselves.

Olivier Barthelemy, whose wary, brooding presence lets him punch at Cassel’s weight dramatically, is superb as the teenager unsure whether he’s a mess, or a Messiah.

Rookie director Romain Gavras (son of Costas-Gavras) directs his moody, meandering tale with a passion and originality that stops it turning into a French rip-off of Fight Club, but can’t muster the edgy excitement of his controversial 2010 video for MIA’s ‘Born Free’ (included, happily, on the DVD and Blu-ray).

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