Oz: Season 2


Hooray for Oz: HBO’s first hour-long series set the mould for the bar-lifting likes of The Sopranos and The Wire. While the opening run – introducing the incendiary world of Oswald State Correctional Facility – dealt the initial blow that softened us up to its no-holds-barred approach, the second moves in for a real pummelling. Oz is in disarray after the uprising of season one’s finale. Ten months on, manager Tim McManus is attempting to instil order by dividing the inmates into 10 distinct groups. The powder-keg of Oz makes for extreme storylines, and the writers wilfully chuck in firecrackers such as male breast cancer and the increasingly unhinged Tobias Beecher literally biting back. It’s often lurid, unlikely stuff but it’s never, ever dull.


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