Parts: The Clonus Horror


With a copyright case pending over the similarities between this “clones-waiting-to-be-harvested” horror and The Island, Michael Bay’s “prettier clones-waiting-to-be-harvested” thriller, here’s a chance to judge for yourself. Are these films really two peas in a pod?

Certainly, um, there are one or two similarities. Timothy Donnelly (read: Ewan McGregor) and Paulette Breen (read: Scarlett Johansson) are the clones who realise that despite being promised relocation to “America” (read: The Island), all that awaits them is death. And so they make a run for it, which is where Robert S. Fiveson’s $257,000 flick falls far behind The Island’s explosive action sequences.

Not that this is the director’s fault: after all, as Fiveson points out in his dry commentary, Parts was filmed in just 18 days. However, it’s dated spectacularly and showcases some seriously dodgy acting. Worth a look, then, but only if you enjoy playing ‘spot the difference’.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 13th 2006

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