"The Academy Awards are a two-hour meat parade, a public display with contrived suspense for economic reasons." Ah, George C Scott, back in the halcyon days when the Oscars were a mere two hours. And he still chose to refuse his gong for playing General George S Patton in Franklin Schaffner's sterling biopic of the firebrand World War Two commander. "There he goes, old 'Blood and Guts'," remarks one GI as Patton speeds by. "Yeah," says another. "Our blood, his guts..." Whatever the reality of the man, here Patton is brilliant, arrogant, vain, charming, Godly, angry and tender; the definitive geni-arse. "Patton is a romantic warrior lost in contemporary times," remarks a German rival, in one of the Other Side scenes where they all conveniently pontificate about how great the Yank Tank commander is. It's certainly a great performance from Scott, a seamless, pity-free portrayal.


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