Pavee Lackeen


"It's a story of life on the margins," muses director Perry Ogden on his debut docu-drama's solemn chat-track. And we're right on the edge with Pavee Lackeen - the grimy story of Irish travellers struggling to stay sane in an uncomprehending world.

Meet Winnie, a 10 year old brought to life by an extraordinarily vivid performance from non-professional Winnie Maughan. With a child's eyes set deep in a careworn face, she's seemingly unaffected by her mother's transient behaviour or her life in a series of cold caravans. It's only when her stoic, spirited façade splinters that we see the torment beneath - characterised by shoplifting, fighting and petrol-sniffing.

Inspired by Ogden's photos (many of which are in the disc's gallery), the film has a grainy potency. And while his commentary gives few answers to the dilemmas raised, that's because there are no easy solutions. There will, instead, always be people living on the margins of society.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: May 22nd 2006

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