Pitch Black: Special Edition


Before he sent Vin Diesel's star shooting off for its brief trip into the stratosphere, director David Twohy brought him crashing down to a barren, dusty planet. Stranding a group of survivors on a triple-sunned, scorched world alongside Diesel's charismatic serial-killing machine, Twohy pushed the boundaries of a slim $23-million budget to craft a taut, tension-filled thriller that defied all our expectations.

The trailer screamed bottom-shelf B-movie, but the final product was something altogether different. The film's biggest surprise? The vicious beasts that lurked beneath the planet surface, flying monstoids that, once an eclipse consumed the light, picked off the crash survivors one by one. No actor is starry enough to be safe, so we can't help be gripped as the Aliens-with-wings tension is cranked up to nail-nibbling levels.

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