Police Academy: 20th Anniversary Special Edition


Nostalgic pub conversation No291: "Remember Police Academy? The first one? Ah, that was great..."

Well it wasn't, actually. Unlike your Animal Houses or Cannonball Runs (sphincter-clenching racist moments aside), this '80s screwballer crumbles under 21st-century scrutiny. Despite its flimsy `equal opportunity' message - - positing that any loser can become a copper - - it still has racist moments, but far fewer laughs.

Steve Guttenberg apparently believes that comedy acting is all about flaring your nostrils, while quips like, "'You and the wife do it doggie-style or what?"' are the nearest the script gets to punchlines. Only George Gaynes' commandant retains any tickle-power, his podium blow-job scene being the sole smile-cracker. Hardly enough to warrant a purchase, though, is it?

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