Predator Special Edition


Fifteen years on and John McTiernan's ultra-macho actioner still packs a powerful punch. Pitting Schwarzenegger and co against an eight-foot alien on a hunting expedition, this rattles along at a cracking pace and smartly seeds its cast of bodybuilders and wrestlers with enough acting talent (well, Bill Duke and Carl Weathers) to carry off the comic book dialogue.

Shane Black's notoriously tasteless gags haven't aged that well, and the initial firefight has a whiff of The A-Team about it, but this is still a 400-pound bench-pressing, tobacco-chewing he-man of a movie that'll have you cheering for Arnie again.

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    • bassthing

      Dec 16th 2009, 10:55


      They go in all balls and bravado, and leave in body bags. Classic action film.

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