Another ’80s fave is sent to reboot camp…

Predators sees a ragtag group of humans air-dropped onto a strange planet, where they’re bullied by the local vagina-mouthed wildlife.

On paper, Predators looks an appealing candidate for a reboot – beasties are reborn all the time (think of all the Frankensteins and Draculas down the years) and the abortive AVP movies left the dreadlocked bounty hunter crying out for a re-think.

Under Nimród Antal’s direction (with Robert Rodriguez in the producer’s chair), the film is a solid, sensibly back-to-basics franchise refresher, offering all the blood and grunting you could possibly want.

Aside from a few smoky stretches where you can’t tell Predator from prey, the main flaw lies with the casting. Not that they’re a bunch of no-talents – Topher Grace and Alice Braga come fully loaded with smarts.

But in John McTiernan’s 1987 genre classic, it felt like a more even match between the title fiend and larger-than-life brutes like Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura.

With the exception of bona fide party-wrecker Danny Trejo, this new crop of monster stompers often look laughably out-gunned.

No matter how much mud and muscle he slaps on, Adrien Brody is no action hero.

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    • craigy111

      Jan 29th 2011, 5:04

      I actually thought this was not bad, nowhere near as good as 'Predator 1 or 2' but a lot better than the garbage of 'Predator vs Alien 1 and 2'. The best part I thought was when they stepped out of the jungle and realised just how up to their necks in it they were, for those who haven't seen it I won't give anything away. If you liked the first two Predator movies you'll probably agree that this isn't as good, but does not bad, in short, wait until it hits the bargin bucket.

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