Psycho Beach Party


“Guys only want one thing,” huffs a, like, totally rad ’60s-fashioned Lauren Ambrose. “I’m going to the snack bar, want a wiener?” As subtle as a maniac on prom night, this camp stage-to-screener lampoons slasher and beach flicks with rampant glee, but runs aground halfway through. As gee-whizz teen and ball-busting murder-solver respectively, only Ambrose and transsexual scripter Charles Busch have much to do, while Amy Adams cuts a fleeting rug on the margins. If it’s kitsch kill-thrills you’re after, check out 1986’s Night Of The Creeps. Washout extras comprise music video and trailer.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 28th 2008

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