Quest For Fire


If Kubrick hadn’t match-cut to spaceships, HAL and a whole load of trippy lights, 2001 may have ended up a little like this – French director Jean-Jacques Annaud’s science fantasy, which opts to remain primitive for a whole thought-provoking sitting. So, rather than seeking answers at the edge of the universe, Annaud’s hairies simply want to conjure a lick of fire.

Say ‘caveman movie’ and most of us picture Raquel Welch in her fur skimpies. But Quest For Fire is far from sexy; instead it delves into the filth of our forefathers’ existence, revealing the cruelty of their struggle to survive. There’s also a heart-rending love story, humour (basic) and the titular action-packed quest. What’s admirable is that all this is made clear despite the characters talking complete gibberish. 


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