Quo Vadis, Baby?


Do people actually make video diaries? Italian director Gabriele Salvatores seems to think so, based on this, his follow-up to disturbing kidnap drama I’m Not Scared. It’s an appealing but ultimately empty psychological noir thriller about a miserable but dedicated private detective (Italian rock singer Angela Baraldi) who receives a package containing the video diaries of her dead sister. Sadly the film spends its first 90 minutes cowering in a corner, and, just when everything should leap out at you, any mystery peters out in favour of emotional histrionics. The thin line between surveillance and voyeurism is the prevailing theme here (as explored in the decent director’s commentary and Making Of), but is mercilessly drowned in an obtrusive ’80s rock soundtrack and dozens of superfluous film references (the title itself is a quote from Last Tango In Paris) which, in the end, only serve to show what a good DVD collection Salvatores must have.


Film Details

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 21st 2006
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