Rasputin, The Mad Monk


Look into my eyes... not around my eyes, into my eyes... Christopher Lee perfects a bug-eyed stare in this schlock Hammer horror. Shot back-to-back with Dracula: Prince Of Darkness (and recycling the same Gothic sets in the process), it’s (very) loosely based on the history books with Ra-Ra-Rasputin romping his way through the Romanov court in turn-of-the-century Russia. Boozing, carousing and hypnotising, Lee’s on top villainous form as the mad monk peasant. In his autobiography Tall, Dark And Gruesome, the thesp claimed to have met the actual killers of Rasputin as a child, a coincidence that convinced him this “real actor’s part” would bring some much-desired critical kudos. It didn’t – mainly because he was stuck with a bad barnet and a pointy, Catweazle beard.



Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: October 23rd 2006

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