Based on an obscure HP Lovecraft short story, Re-Animator is, in essence, a zombie flick. But to brandish such leaky umbrella terms over this enduring entrail-fest would be to do it a great disservice. As director Stuart Gordon and producer Brian Yuzna recount in thrilling detail on lengthy interview reels, the deliriously hammy, ketchup-drenched final product was the sum of some unique parts. Of these, jobbing, hammy stage actors were arguably the defining quirk. If you don’t count all that offal, of course...

Jeffrey Combs (in a gleefully deranged turn) is Dr Herbert West, hell-bent on returning dead flesh to action. Naturally, being a mad boffin he fucks it right up, opening the morgue doors to an utterly joyous, bloody orgy.



Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: April 23rd 2007

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