“It’s like I’ve heard this story before,” whispers Yuka (Nagisa Sugiura) in Reincarnation. Move aside girl, you’re not the only one with déjà vu here. Repetitive J-horror frightener Takashi Shimizu (Ju-On: The Grudge, Ju-On: The Grudge2, The Grudge, The Grudge 2... need we really continue?) is plundering his back catalogue once again. Returning to Japan after his sojourn in Hollywood, Shimizu’s latest offering follows a film crew making a horror movie in an abandoned hotel where a family was slashed in the ‘70s. All the director’s creeptastic trademarks are here: phantom nippers lurking in the edges of the frame, evil curses, long-haired ghost girls in need of a comb...

A dearth of extras means the feature stands alone and despite over-familiarity it does jolt: assured, anxious set-pieces involving 8mm snuff footage and shuffling ghost zombies distinguish Shimizu as a great horror stylist. He just needs to reincarnate himself soon – before we all start to hold a grudge.


Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 21st 2006

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