Rest Stop


The first (burnt) offering from Warner Bros’ straight-to-DVD horror and sci-fi branch Raw Feed, Rest Stop places attractive teens in ugly, dirty, nasty situations – usually involving torture and designer grime. Nothing new there. Nothing new anywhere, in fact, with writer/ director John Shiban attaching his jump leads to The Vanishing, Breakdown, Road Kill etc as he parks runaway lovers Nicole and Jess (Jaimie Alexander and Joey Mendicino) in a dilapidated rest stop patrolled by a psychotic trucker. Initially shot warm and hazy – candyfloss visuals wafting on a breeze of electronica – the lens cracks and darkens when our comely kids begin to lose body parts. It’ll make you squirm, with a couple of grisly episodes rivalling Hostel’s eye-snip. But it’ll also make you mad, as Shiban’s ceaseless pilfering from other, superior movies even extends to a Wolf Creek-esque tinge of the supernatural... which plain doesn’t work.


Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: June 11th 2007

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