Right At Your Door


Okay, this is a little too close to the bone... Dirty bombs explode across downtown LA during morning rush hour, turning the city into a contaminated zone. Citizens are warned to stay indoors and seal their windows against fallout, while those caught in the open are doomed to die a slow death.

Against this terrifyingly plausible backdrop, first-time writer/director Chris Gorak, a former production designer (Lords Of Dogtown, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Fight Club), contrives a drama that makes the most of his low budget, focusing not on the bigger picture but on a young couple: stay-at-home Brad (Rory Cochrane) and his just-left-for work wife Lexi (Mary McCormack). In his commentary, Gorak says he wrote the movie as a reaction to the US invasion of Iraq, but it’s resolutely non-political. “This is about you, me and our neighbour,” he notes.

Keeping the disaster intimate, Brad’s only links to the outside world are the phone and the radio (the cable guy was due that day) and the drama is mostly contained in one house... with the crew also sealed inside each day during shooting. Right At Your Door is a tense, disquieting survival piece – a 21st-century horror film.


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