Rio Breaks


Hi-jinks on the beach juxtaposed with the deadly realities of life in Rio

Surfing docs are much like the waves they rely on: if you miss one, there’ll be another along in a minute. Justin Mitchell’s varies from the norm in its take on the sun-soaked hobby as a literal matter of life and death. Riding the waves is the only thing that will prevent Rio urchins Fabio and Naama from being sucked into the violent drug crime that has seen their bullet-strewn favela win the moniker ‘Vietnam’. Gritty and hard-hitting if rather repetitive, Rio Breaks touchingly juxtaposes hi-jinks on the beach with the deadly realities that await its heroes just a short distance away.

Film Details

  • 12A
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: October 3rd 2011
  • Genre

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