Robot Chicken: Star Wars


It’s about as brief as Jar Jar Binks’ post-Ep I face-time, but this Robot Chicken spoof-special stuffs more chortles into its 21-minute frame than the six source flicks combined. You’ll still be left wanting more though, the paltry length likely to leave Force-fans frustrated. Blink-and-miss-’em highlights of the 35 animated skits include Boba Fett dry-humping a frozen Solo and Darth Vader explaining the prequel plots to an exasperated Luke Skywalker. Speaking of whom, Mark Hamill’s among a long larynxlist (Malcolm McDowell, James Van Der Beek, Hulk Hogan) whose biggest surprise is Uncle George himself, gamely joining in the merciless mocking of his stellar legacy. And to offset the brevity, there’s the (relatively) cheap price-tag plus a bundle of extras including video commentary, an alternative audio track and a ‘lightspeed’ time-lapse squint at the whole production.

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