Rock School


In the world of rock, Don Argott's rockumentary is more 'Jazz Odyssey' than 'School's Out'. It plays like Spellbound relocated in a real-life School Of Rock, but never quite hits its chorus until the close.

Paul Green is a petulant grown-up who teaches kids the joys of blundering Black Sabbath riffs and Frank Zappa freak-outs. And there are some prodigies in his ramshackle class of misfits - primarily a Clapton-in-the-making guitarist. But what's Argott's freeform film exploring? Green's big-baby egotism? Parents living out dreams through their kids? Time and again, interesting notes are glanced at but not struck with the depth or breadth desirable - especially when it comes to The Friendly Gangstaz, a US-style Goldie Lookin' Chain who deserve their own film. It's only at a climactic Zappa tribute gig that the film strikes a resonant chord. As you root for the kids to succeed, you realise too late that they're the heart of this amiable but diffuse documentary.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: April 3rd 2006

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