Role Models


Paul Rudd pulls off a superior buddy-com…

“Pick us up in two hours,” Paul Rudd shouts to designated driver Seann William Scott. “Fuck you, Miss Daisy!” replies mini passenger Bobb’e J Thompson.

If you don’t find a 10-year-old effing and jeffing like a trooper funny, Role Models may not be your bag. But although Thompson steals every scene he’s in, there’s much more to this seemingly formulaic bloke-com…

Danny (a fantastically bitter Rudd) and Wheeler (Scott, a thirtysomething Stifler) are workmates sentenced to community service after a bout of road rage. The pair reluctantly enrol in the Sturdy Wings program, acting as big bros to troubled little dudes. Danny is assigned to Augie (Superbad’s Christopher Mintz-Plasse), a nerdy teen obsessed with medieval role-playing; while Wheeler gets the foul-mouthed Ronnie (Thompson).

The cast is full of Frat Pack/Geek Clique regulars, but the oddball characters and improv–heavy style owe more to a Christopher Guest flick. The film also taps a fresh comic vein in its scenes of live-action role-playing tournaments; seeing the fab four entering a battle dressed like a Kiss tribute act is one of the best visual gags of recent months.

But the real success here is co-writer/star Rudd who, with this and the recent I Love You, Man, has broken out of a supporting rut to emerge as a deft comic lead. Enjoyable extras (including director David Wain’s chat-track) don’t delve deep but highlight the film’s off-the-cuff vibe.

Richard Jordan

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    • JD1994

      May 17th 2009, 21:38


      Funniest film of 2008 even after wathching it a second time.

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