Rumour Has It...


13 Going On 30, Just Like Heaven and now Rumour Has It... Another month, another Mark Ruffalo rom-com. This time around he's being treated like mud by fiancée with the horn Jennifer Aniston - a dissatisfied New Yorker thrown into a spin by a trip back to her West Coast roots and the revelation that her gran may have been the inspiration for The Graduate, Kevin Costner being the Benjamin Braddock squirer. Believing the erstwhile Prince Of Thieves to be her real father, Jen leaves good sense at the door and sleeps with him. It's all a tad queasy, with poor Ruffers being tossed out like a bad salad for sleazy Kev, who never quite manages to convince anyone that he's not willingly participating in incest.




A feisty Shirley MacLaine aside, it's all rather pedestrian. As for Ruffalo, Zodiac can't come soon enough.  

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