Runaway Jury


Like Arnie in a nappy, Runaway Jury is as taut as it is preposterous. Its central pivot is Wendell Rohr (Dustin Hoffman), an attorney desperate to force the gun lobby into accepting responsibility for firearm-related deaths. Standing in his path is professional jury manipulator Rankin Fitch (Gene Hackman).

Playing out like a faintly ridiculous game of high-stakes court poker, the ante upped by John Cusack's crooked jury member and his scheming girlfriend (Rachel Weisz), this latest Grisham adaptation covers its implausibilities with slick pacing and heavyweight acting. Yet one crime is conspicuous: why keep Hoffman and Hackman apart for most of the movie? Madness.

Film Details

  • 12A
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 1st 2004

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