Last time we were told someone had gone and made the new Indy we got The Mummy; it was like booking Morecambe and only having Wise turn up...

This time it's Matthew McConaughey who has a punt - as Dirk Pitt, the cocky adventurer from Clive Cussler's ludicrously successful airport novels. Paired with plucky sidekick Al (delightful gurnmeister Steve Zahn), he jaunts off into the middle of the, er, Sahara, on an unlikely hunt for a missing Confederate warship loaded with gold. Along the way they hook up with Penélope Cruz's token totty: a doctor who is tracing a mysterious disease linked to Lenny James' ruthless bastard dictator.

The overcooked plot and so-so villains are compensated for by zippy action from newbie director Breck Eisner and the blokes' banter (Cruz has little to do but wear a tight top). Tanned, toned and OTT, McConaughey might not be the new Indy, but compared to previous attempts, Big Mac is the daddy.

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