Scanners Box Set


David Cronenberg's original, his X-Men-esque breakthrough of mutant brainiacs (the Scanners of the title) and their ability to splat people's heads using telepathy, remains one of the enduring horror treats of the '80s and is still suitably grisly 25 years on. Part II: The New Order attempts to mimic its mood but has no Michael Ironside, starts drearily and then meanders off into a daft last third of rubbish action and predictable twists. Part III: The Takeover, however, is a brilliantly outrageous mess, a camp car crash of a sequel that features, among other treats: detonated pigeons, a dead Santa, a ninjas-versus-Scanners fight, heads exploding (underwater!), day-glo headbands, the odd knocker and a climactic telepathic showdown that appears to have been choreographed like a dreadful version of Cats with added claret.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 1st 2005

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