Scenes Of A Sexual Nature


Okay, calm down at the back. Nothing too raunchy goes on in this afternoon stroll of a movie, the only naughty bit you get to see is one bare bottom (male). We’re on London’s Hampstead Heath on a summer’s day, where various couples meet, chat, interact and occasionally cross paths – think Short Cuts’ tamer, more tepid Brit cousin. Debut director Ed Blum assembles an impressive cast – among others, Ewan McGregor and Douglas Hodge as two gay guys considering adoption, Catherine Tate and Adrian Lester as a couple negotiating an friendly divorce, Eileen Atkins and Benjamin Whitrow as former lovers meeting by chance 50 years on – and then wastes them on Aschlin Ditta’s trite dialogue.

It’s all amiable enough. The Heath looks photogenic and the cast coast through it with quiet expertise. But if it’s mating rituals on Hampstead Heath you’re after, you’d do better to stick with Bill Oddie.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 12th 2007

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