Screen Icons: Dirk Bogarde


“A fancy British star who became a serious actor.” That’s director Joseph Losey’s take on Dirk Bogarde, whom he shepherded through three (Sleeping Tiger, The Servant, Accident) of the seven films in this collection. But Losey’s claim is undercut by several performances here: it’s the more mainstream fare where Bogarde is at his most adventurous. Take his hysterical cop-killer in Ealing drama The Blue Lamp; or his married barrister in landmark blackmail thriller Victim, confessing lust for a younger man at a time when homosexuality had yet to be decriminalised. Surprising tensions abound in underrated melodrama The Spanish Gardener, where Dirk’s friendship with a schoolboy sparks envy in the lad’s dad. 


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 23rd 2007

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