Scrubs - Season Two


No longer as fearful of their tyrannical hospital superiors or wary of their inexperience, the personal problems of Zach Braff and co become more prominent in Season Two, but the overall dose feels a little diluted.

Still, what you would’ve probably only spotted under a microscope during Season One suddenly flares up to reveal a rack of brilliant supporting players; particularly Ted (Sam Lloyd) the highly-strung hospital-lawyer and, surely the series’ greatest creation, the hostile, sardonic Janitor (Neil Flynn).

BEST BIT: Sam Lloyd and his real-life acapella group’s appearance in episode ‘My Nightingale’, spending an entire night-shift singing TV theme tunes, including an upbeat rendition of The Six Million Dollar Man.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 12th 2005

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